3 Reasons Why You Will Not Get Married This Year

get married
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So you have hatched a master plan which is “this year” you will definitely get married and also nothing is going to stop you. Anyway what if I said to you, you would not marry this year . . . Oops.

You claim you are fully and well prepared to get married, it is your season, and this is your year. In your interest to settle down right away, you have got the tried and tested technique in place. You have talked to friends and family to find the perfect match for you. You have registered to dating applications, and also you are scheduling in a lot of marriage occasions as possible. So this is it!

get married

What if I told you that your best-laid plans are going to be unsuccessful? That your strategy is going to fail and you can be single for many years from now? Indeed I heard your heart breaks and then drop 100 miles per hr . . . Thump.

Here are the reasons you will not get married this year

1. You have got no idea what kind of spouse you want

When I ask unmarried Christian or even Muslim what they want or desire in a spouse, they tell me he or she needs to be kind, generous, caring, etc. Some people also say they need a ‘nice wife’ . . . What is bad with that? I hear you ask. Anyway if inquired, every person would describe themselves as kind, generous and caring. Therefore basically you are describing every person on earth; singles, wedded or otherwise! Finding your true love would be like finding a needle in a haystack. Glup !!!

Let’s take the phrase ‘Generous’. If you asked single people what it really means to be generous, they had said a person who donates money on a regular basis to good causes ( open-handed ), and they rarely volunteer for fundraising occasions. Other people may say generosity is the manner people speak or perhaps think about other folks as well as assume the best in people.

‘Generous’ means several things to different individuals and it appears in lots of ways in people’s lives. You have to be specific-only then you can spot your partner in a dense crowd of single Christians or Muslims.


2. You do not leave a good first impression

I have seen a lot of folks dating profiles lacking some info, misleading or even obviously completed in a hurry.

I have spotted brothers’ profiles with a sentence that inform sisters they are searching for a spouse – and wait for it – they intend to offer themselves as husbands.

Sisters’ profiles contain statements such as ‘I do not want to compliment myself, you will know better when you get close –“God willing.” Is it me or perhaps does it seem like she has got a thing to hide? These profiles give absolutely no details about who they are, what they do as well as precisely what plans they have got for the future.

If you are seriously interested in getting married, discuss yourself as well as your passions with others. It will give other people a way to hit up a conversation with you unless of course, you are pleased with conversation starters such as “Hello Gorgeous’” or something just as creepy as hi, what’ sup, and so on!


3. You are interested in an individual, but you are reluctant to talk to them

So you are single, and then you were invited at a marriage occasion, you see somebody you like and then what do you do? You are reluctant to make a move or send a “request to meet”?! Perplexed and confused right? So am I!

When I inquire to find out why they inform me “I’m awaiting them to send me a request.” How can the other folk know you are attracted? Do single people now expect other single people to be mind readers?

What happens whenever you meet up with a person you genuinely like, and you are freaking out because they are the one. What is the next step? Do you deal with the fear and then start a conversation? Or maybe do you find any as well as every excuse never to meet them? But deep down you wish somehow ultimately you will link up with them and then get married.

However, you ignored the apparent! They are unaware you are interested. You might never appear on their radar and also now you are pondering what if? Madness right?

Shortly you will find out that your potential Mr or Mrs. Right is going to get married to another person. It will hit you hard just like a bomb “BOOM” . . . of course, “A Heartbreak.” Then you are left feeling mad and full of regret.


What exactly can singles do to get married and then stay away from the dating life for many years to come? Do you feel coach guiding them via the process while building their boldness and also self-esteem can help them get married faster? I would love to hear your thoughts.

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