Identifying & Fixing Marriage Problems

Fixing Marriage Problems
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Steps To Identifying and Fixing Marriage Problems- Love is a strong feeling that has an effect on individuals by the billions. In light of that fact, folks of distinctive ethnicity get married to one another and then experience happy lives with each other. Nevertheless, absolutely no marriage is without problems. For those going through marital problems, let’s discuss how those issues can be fixed.

 4 Steps To Identifying and Fixing Marriage Problems

Step 1 – Recognizing the Number one Issue and Problems related to it.

There will probably often be a few root problems which affect your marriage. A lot of symptomatic troubles occur from these leading issues. Spouses make the blunder of concentrating on the parade of symptoms which seem to be almost endless. Going after issues will destroy your marriage and then leave you feeling distressed and helpless.

 Fixing Marriage Problems

Step 2 – Identifying Issues Specific to You

In every marriage, there are two unique individuals with their unique issues, insecurities, mistakes, flaws, fears and also experience. Which means that challenges are influencing your marriage that have absolutely nothing to do with your partner. People need to take candid self-examinations to recognize what they bring to the relationship.

Step 3 – Pinpointing Problems Specific To Your Spouse

You would prefer not to condemn your sweetheart for your inner struggles. Likewise, you would not like to take on the inner challenges of your spouse as yours. An insecure man or woman will be insecure regardless of what you do. A furious person will invariably find a reason to be upset. You should not allow other people to blame you for problems in their life that they are cannot manage.

Step 4 – Identifying Problems Specific To You Both

Volatility usually takes place when two powerful personalities collide. Should the two of you have anger problems then it becomes super easy for arguments and disagreements to occur and go from bad to worse.  If you both are bad with funds (money), this will keep on being a hurdle preventing financial growth and also stability. This division is all about finding areas of common weakness.

As soon as you are done examining, pinpointing and categorizing the problems, then the hard work starts. The intent behind this list is to enable you to see where your time and effort will yield the best and quickest rewards. By concentrating on the first 2 lists, you will accomplish a lot more to fix your marriage compared to if you were in all places, going after every issue. Let ‘s observe how and also why this works.

The First Problem corresponds to the thing resulting in the most pain and then precisely what is driving you most to a divorce or separation. It is the equivalent of a medical doctor attempting to cease the bleeding in an accident victim. There might be various other injuries to deal with however if the individual dies from blood loss, secondary treatment is worthless.

After that, you intend to focus on YOU. You possess the most energy to change your thoughts and actions. You are at all times best prepared to change ‘You’. This strategy reduces negative tension as your partner feels much less judged and you feel less like you are pushing a boulder up high a mountain.


As you concentrate on growing as an individual how you respond to your wife or husband and the issues will also change. Working on these two lists will straightly affect approximately 50% what is stressing you out right this moment and in some way affect the issues you have little control over. Focusing on your growth will directly have an effect on Lists 1, 2 and 4. It will in some way affect list 3. Shortening your focus increases your efficiency and your capability to fix your marriage.

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  • Marriage takes a lot of work – you’re so right! I have to remind myself of his wants and needs so often because I get caught up in my wants and needs. I was once given some great advice: try to outdo the other in being kind and considerate. It’s soooo hard but so worth it! Thanks for sharing!

  • I remember my dad giving me this advice – “If you are marrying a person in the hope that he/she will change, you’re wrong. Know more about the person first before marrying. That will save you a lot of troubles later on.” I guess he was right. Marriage is about understanding and accepting each other’s flaws. There is no perfect marriage, and couples can and will disagree on things. It is just a matter of give and take.

  • Just 4 steps but so hard to do. All these steps are done in one looong serious talk which not everyone is doing. Definitely, communication is the key to a good relationship.This article goes out to all the couples married or not.

  • I’ve been married 9 years and counting. It’s true marriage requires constant work especially with two dominant personalities. I’ve learned some days being right is not worth the argument. It’s ok to walk away without proving a point. Love is knowing when to walk away.

  • Marriage is a job, in my opinion and you never get a day off. Marriage can be fun, but it’s also a lot of constant effort (not that that is a bad thing!) Both individuals need to be committed, which means they both are looking at themselves as individuals and seeing their own issues and where they want to grow, and also looking at the couple relationship and how they both want the couple relationship to grow.

  • Going after the few roots of the symptoms is great advice! I would also suggest getting help from a counselor when needed, a marriage doesn’t have to be falling apart to benefit from counseling!

  • Making any relationship work is about listening and understanding what your partner needs. Most of my arguments with my partner stem from not feeling heard or validated with my feelings. When we listen and actually understand what the other needs is when we can start to fix or heal from our mistakes and work to grow as a couple.

  • This is great advice. Maintaining a marriage is a lot of work and it’s important to diagnose issues at the root and keep lines of communication open. Thanks for sharing this helpful info!

  • Identifying issues that are specific to you is crucial; because it can prevent many arguments that weren’t meant to happen in the first place. Jealousy is definitely one of the biggest ones in this category and people should stop reflecting their own insecurities to their partners in order to have healthy relationships.

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